Towards Future Dawn.


We’re still burning,
forget the past,
our hearts are strong,
just keep moving.

We’re still breathing,
don’t mind the scars,
our spirits as bright as stars,
just keep moving.

We’re still racing,
don’t look back,
we’ve traveled far,
just keep moving.

We’re still dreaming,
spill our guts,
in the colours of our feelings,
just keep moving.

We’re still drumming,
beneath the moon,
to silver dreams and golden lights,
just keep moving.

Oh, we’re still moving,
through space and time,
towards future dawn,
until the day we’re moving on.

About this poem:

Letting go, moving on and not being stuck in the past is one of life’s great obstacles to overcome. This clearly a big one for me, I constantly have to remind myself to move on from what lurks in the shadows of the past. Heartaches, lost loves and traumatic experiences can haunt and hold us back if we allow them to. These ghosts sometimes catch us off guard, however it’s important to shake them off and accept them for what they are: the past.

I hope this poem will reach somebody who needs a little help to pull themselves back up again and serve as a little reminder as well. Sometimes all we need is someone to remind us. That’s all.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Prospermind. 🙂

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  1. So very true… such a positive attitude. 🙂

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  2. Awww! The past….like a piano that someone plays on the keys. On the right key wonderful memories. On the wrong keys bittersweet memories. Everyone moves on at their own pace. What is right for us is not necessarily right for them. The only control we have of the past is how we react to it putting a positive spin and is a litmus test to see how far we have grown thus moving on.

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  3. I like the poem, the rhythm of it particularly, but I think I love your musing even more.
    You’re such a wise young man!

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