I was going in high,
but now I’m falling down,
these wings are tired now,
I’m falling from the sky.

And the beauty of the stars,
that surrounded our bodies,
came too close,
and turned on me.

They started burning holes,
into my skin,
and I slowly began to fall,
when darkening smoke,
was rising from my wings.

We flew through the sky,
we were careless, free and wild,
with a tingle in our chests,
forgetting about time,
feeling there’s no end in sight.

But now I’m falling down,
and you’re looking down,
watching me,
as I’m slipping out of reach,
while you stand safely on a cloud.

I was going in high,
but now I’m falling down,
these wings are burning now,
I’m falling from the sky.

And when I hit the ground,
my heart will burst and bleed,
all of our memories,
out of me.

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  1. Very lyrical – have you tried it with music? Lovely indeed. G;)

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  2. yeah ditto..I must be a song!!!

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  3. Good shit here brother! I agree with the other comments too; you could totally make this into a song!

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    • Thanks Matt, somehow your comments make me feel like a rock star! Haha 😀
      I bet I could, nothing is impossible. However I would have to have an idea for a melody first and a helping hand in composing would be awesome. I need more musical friends, I only know lots of drummers for some strange reason and none of them can read music. I can read music a little, but as a singer notes aren’t really that important. (Every musician secretly rolls their eyes at singers when they say they can read music, I know I know..). I need to improve my guitar skills. 😀

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      • I’m 100% self taught. So are many musicians. Granted, I’m no Eddie Van Halen, but I can still rock some rhythm guitar and provide some decent backing keyboards. Music aside, though, this is still a great stand alone poem.

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      • Oh wow!!! Hats off to you Matt, seriously! I have great respect for self taught musicians. I’m the type of person I need a teacher for an instrument, except my voice. I’ve tried teaching myself to play the keyboard, however it somehow drowned quickly in my daily life. Being taught an instrument would mean I’d have to go to class each week and practice for it. 😀
        Thanks again my friend! 😉

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  4. This definitely shouts, “LYRICS!” to me, too. 🙂

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  5. Please, do come up with a melody. Its a nice piece.. Thumbs up 🙂

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  6. I like the imagery, and the subtle hint about time not being relevant? Maybe I read something different, I don’t know.
    I do like the poem though. I have been quickly browsing through your blog, looks like there may be lots of interesting content for me to peruse at my leisure. I will follow and revisit when I have a few spare minutes. Thanks for I producing me to your blog.

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    • No, no, exactly. Well spotted! Thank you for noticing and for leaving your kind words behind.
      I’m quite excited that you like it here, I’ve spent a bit of my evening over at your blog as well, so the feeling is mutual. Great! 🙂
      Take your time Henry, I’m definitely not finished looking around your blog to see what else awaits over there. It’s quite a mysterious place. Thanks for stopping by! 😉


  7. I producing, pre auto-correction translates as, introducing.

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  8. with everyone saying you should make it a song i cant help but try it out. very nice words here.


  9. I agree with the song making. This is a song already, you just need to wait until the melody for it appears in your life 🙂
    A sad piece though. You don’t have to erase all memories for them stopping to hurt… that’s my experience talking 😉

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    • Maybe not all of them, but only those that are haunting me..
      Oh, I will be patient and wait for the right melody to find its way into my mind. 🙂


      • I think it is better to find out why they are hurting you and find a way to stop the hurt rather than erase them. Erasing them means you deny it happened. But you *know* it did. So it’s just a way to not work through the grief of that relationship ending. In my experience, grief you haven’t worked through still needs to be worked on, and if you don’t do it now, it’ll come back to haunt you later. It’s a hard thing to explain. But I suppose you push the memories back to a later date until you are ready to face them and work through them… Some of mine, it took 20+ years to work through…
        One way or the other… good luck 🙂

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  10. oh beauty!! I was falling with the flow. 🙂

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