This may be naive of me,
but I’ve got to ask:
Is love not enough?
Is it not enough to reach happiness?
And if not,
why can love not be enough for us?
What’s the point of everything,
if love is not enough to make us happy?
Why do I feel so silly asking this?
Why am I even asking?!
These questions scare me deeply,
but I’ve got to ask.
This may be naive of me.

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  1. Love can make things better, wonderful and easier but it’s just one thing. It can color other things but there’s more to life than that. No one can depend on a single thing for happiness. We ARE more than that. People live happy and wonderful lives with out it. Love, depending on your definition, can influence what you do but I don’t believe it’s everything. For some it’s not enough and that’s okay, for others, a clinging kind of love isn’t anything a lot of people would want. Well rounded, is what we need to be. Love is just one ingredient in the recipe of life. If you look at the divorce rate you’ll realize that most people can’t even agree on what love is or means. LOL That’s the problem both people think they are getting the same thing when they aren’t and once they find out they aren’t on the same page, they leave to look for their definition in someone else.

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  2. Follow your heart it has no fences.

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  3. My experience is that love is enough to reach happiness, because it starts with self love. If you don’t have at least a healthy amount of self love, you cannot love freely, because you look for the other to fulfill you, and/or change yourself to please them.
    Love is something marvelous, all consuming, that surrounds and penetrates your soul, and if you truly love someone, you’ll be happy for their happiness.
    You know, the whole “If you love someone, set them free”
    It hurts a little at times, but… it is so liberating to be in a relationship where you know the other person is looking out for their own needs, so you don’t have to keep guessing how best to fulfill them. And it is liberating to be accepted as yourself, with your own needs, and not judged for them.

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