This is bad.


Bad decisions,
ain’t my mission.

Bad decisions,
I won’t miss ’em.

But I,
won’t learn,

Yeah I,
want to feel,

Oh baby,
just maybe,
one more time.

Tomorrow the world,
is going to be fine,
but tonight the world,
will be mine.

Bad decisions,
have I kissed ’em,
goodbye for life?!

About the poem:

Just a quickie. There are some things going on in my life that make me wonder, if I have made a few (or a lot) bad decisions in the recent past. Phew. It’s fun at times to not think of the consequences and just do things, living the moment, like there was no tomorrow. However there’s always going to be a tomorrow and one day we might even have a bad awakening coming at us.
Ahh… will we ever learn, that all good things are bad for us? 😉

PS: I just want to mention that I have noticed all of your comments lately, however I am extremely swamped with work this week. I’m going to take some time to cherish and answer your mindful thoughts later next week. 🙂

Have a great day guys,


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  1. Aww! Everything good is not all bad it is only how we look at things. Definitely there are bad things such as abusing children of any sorts, murder etc., Love is good but can turn sour but good or bad are which makes us who we are today. I can tell you’re a good lad…..Ugly bits is what we learn from. Joy and sorrow are intertwined in life….It’s life….why? There is no answer to that question. It just is. Be well my friend

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  2. ‘Bad decisions’ is another way of saying ‘learning experience’:)

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