I don’t wanna be old,
and feel it fade,
I wanna be bold,
and unafraid.

When the days are laced,
with your face,
and the years are wrapped,
around my neck.

When deterioration has begun,
I’d rather die young.

I don’t wanna be old,
and count the days,
until we unite again.

I wanna go home,
and hold your hand,
stop missing you old friend.

I’m spinning around,
out of control,
I’m hiding inside,
I make no sound,
I’m slow on my feet,
but fast on the ground,
I can’t pull myself up,
I am earthbound.

And if I could give anything at all,
I would give it all away,
and if I had the chance,
I wouldn’t grow older than today.

About this poem:

First off: Don’t worry, I am okay and not depressed. I hadn’t even planned on writing today (Do I ever?! No.).
Do you know this song “Atlantic” by Keane? In this song he sings “I don’t wanna be old” and I just couldn’t get this line out of my head today. I knew my brain was going to come up with something from this line, because the moment I heard it there was this tingly feeling I always get when inspiration is going to strike. Obviously my mind wouldn’t stop singing the poem above to the melody of “Atlantic” until I finally gave in, grabbed a pen and started to write. Ahh.. silence. Now, I can finally get some sleep.

Good night.

Prospermind. 🙂

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  1. You can really feel the emotion in this piece

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  2. Wow, I literally read the first line and though “this reminds me of Keane” 🙂 it’s great to find a fellow Keane enthusiast!!
    Lovely poem 🙂

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  3. ‘When the days are laced,
    with your face,
    and the years are wrapped,
    around my neck’


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  4. Beautiful

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  5. Love that song, love this poem 😉

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  6. Another grand piece youngman, question,
    would she be the other part of your little family?

    ifinn so, charming couple…

    Sweet dividing love chris….

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