Let me go first.


I want to die,
before you do,
because I know,
that I’m not strong enough,
to go on without you.

To know that I,
can’t go and see you,
to know that I,
can’t go and call you,
is to know that I,
am not strong enough,
to lose you.

That’s why I have to go,
before you do.

I know that I,
can’t grow old,
without your hand to hold,
I know that I won’t,
be able to get past the pain,
or find love or joy again.

So, I’m not sorry to say,
that I want to die,
before you do,
It’s got to be this way,
for a love like this,
you know it’s true.

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  1. This sounds so selfish on the face of it, but it is true…
    For anyone who has ever been in love…
    For anyone who has ever had children…


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  2. I made my husband promise to let me die first. I never wanted to live for even a day without him. Leukemia had other ideas.

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    • Life has its own kind of humor, and even though on the surface we might consider it to be messed up, I believe that things unfold and play out the way they were meant to from the beginning. Sadly the wishful thinking of our egos is nothing more than a fantasy in this reality and the messed up part is, that there is going to be a point in time, where everything makes sense all of a sudden and we are eternally grateful for the fact, that everything turned out the way it was intended and not how we wanted it to at times.
      I am glad that this resonates with you and you can relate to the emotion behind these words. Thank you for sharing!


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