In darkness

In darkness we stand,
hand in hand.

In darkness we stand,
oh boy!,
and do we stand tall.

In darkness we stand,
we can face it all.

In darkness we ignite,
flames in our hearts.

In darkness we ignite,
fires in our eyes.

In darkness we ignite,
the light,
of our eternal souls keeping us alive.

Together we stand,
in this darkness around,
side by side,
we’re burning it down!

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  1. You may want to check my ‘Inspiration’ post 😉
    And yes, there has been a lot of darkness lately. Let us stand tall and push it away.

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  2. Unfortunately we live in a dark and fallen world, my friend. A tough reality indeed.
    Hope you are well.?

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    • Darkness is everywhere we go, we need to shine as brightly as possible at all times in order to resist being swallowed by it.
      Don’t worry Staci, everything is fine and I’m well. This is just something I had to put out there eventually to calm my mind.. It has been stuck up there for a few weeks now. It nearly drove me insane, because I made so many changes to it and it never really seemed complete to me, it still doesn’t feel finished, but I posted this half-assed piece anyways.. I just had to.
      Thank you for asking.
      Best wishes across the globe! ! ❤

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