Love Hurts.


I don’t know,
how to explain,
even though our love,
is destined and true,
it sometimes brings pain.

Sometimes my heart,
begins to ache,
from the things you do,
and the things you say.

I know that this is you,
it’s not my fault,
but still I can’t help,
but to feel this way.

Our love is true,
our love is strong,
it’s built for the future,
it’s built a home.

Sometimes I sit and wonder,
at what I’ve become,
I look in the mirror –
Where are you from?

I’m asking the tears,
that fall sometimes,
I’m asking the fear,
that’s dark sometimes.

I’ve never loved anyone,
like I love you,
so it’s easy sometimes,
to feel hurt by the things you say,
and the things you do.

Think I managed to explain,
that our love,
is destined and true,
therefore the reason behind said pain,
is that you love me and I love you.

Note: True love can hurt sometimes,
which mustn’t always be a bad sign.

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  1. Terrific poem, really heartfelt and genuine

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  2. A beautiful poem. I liked it very well ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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