I don’t care anymore.
Take me away tomorrow,
take me away today,
We’re not meant to stay here


First off I want to apologise for neglecting my blog these past few months. A lot has happened in my life, keeps happening actually.
There are a lot of obstacles blocking my path to being free right now and the only way to overcome them is with time and patience. I can not express to what extend this burdens me or how much I’d just love to get up, walk out of my door and leave EVERYTHING behind me. God. I am 24 years old and already I need to start over. What a joke. This place is toxic though and I need to get the hell away from here. It’s poison to me and I’m really trying my best to hang in there. I hope by this time next year, things will be different. I need a fresh start, somewhere far away and I can’t wait for the day to come to break away. Dark days ahead. Waiting for the sun.

Here’s to pulling through,


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  1. If you are that desperate to escape just do it before you can’t.


  2. Something that has helped me against toxic environments: imagine a shower of white light washing over you, from head to toe, taking away every upset that doesn’t belong to you.
    Also, if you’ve got a chance, buy some labradorite. It’s a stone that protects against outside influences.
    Just offering my advice, though I know how silly it can sound.
    And sending hugs. Plenty of good energy!


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