Knock Knock.


I don’t know,
what I’m doing here, but,
I just wanted to see you.
For some reason,
I can never seem,
to let go of you.
You’re on my mind,
I would wonder,
about how you were doing,
how your life was going,
if you’d think of me,
when you hear that song?
And what else was going on.
For some reason,
I just have to know.
I’m sorry,
if this is selfish of me,
but I just had to see you.
I just have to ask you,
I just..
have to know.
You know?
And yes, I know,
we’re not six anymore,
and life has become a lot more difficult since then,
but somehow,
I am here right now.
And maybe this is wrong,
but also maybe this is right?
See, I don’t know what to do here,
even though I have grown so much,
I’m feeling like such a child now,
standing here,
so stupid,
so small.
All I know is,
that I have to know.

All my best,


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  1. I don’t know who this person is. I hope you manage to let go. I know it’s not easy.
    I had a friend once. And then she disappeared from the face of the earth. Stopped returning calls.
    It took me a long time to let go.
    Many months before I went by her house again, and left a message.
    And many years after that before thinking of her didn’t hurt. Now I barely think about her. I’m healed. I learnt that if she left, it was because of her, not me.
    I think that’s what was so painful. To think she left because of me. Now that I think back, it’s because I was desperate to know how I could change, who I should become, so that they liked me still.
    Here’s hoping we can all let go.

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    • Sorry, pressed send without meaning to…
      Thank you for this post. It helped me figure out why I kept hurting, and why I don’t hurt any more.
      Well, at least most of the time, and no, not with that particular friend any more.
      Now I think maybe her husband told her not to contact me again.
      Or, it just hit me, maybe MY (narcissistic) ex told her something to make her run for her own safety. Ha! One way or another, it’s not about me. And this makes me feel good.
      Ha! Again, as usual, thank you for your posts. They always help me progress!

      Hope you’re well!

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      • I am so very glad that the words that I write here find the right person at the right time sometimes. I’m very happy you were able to figure something out about yourself. 🙂
        Here’s to continuous growth!

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