Losing Myself.


feels too heavy lately.
I am trying, but
it’s hard to breathe baby.
I feel:
Locked away,
Heart in chains,
Wish to stray.
My soul is drowning,
I can barely swim,
yet I’m still holding
on can’t let this win.
I have lost myself –
Who is the you?
And who is the I?
This sweet sadness burns,
like wildfires inside.
Don’t know how to
put out the flames of
You and I.

Artwork by Marie-Esther.


I hope these words will reach and touch some stranger out there at some point. I hope this is something anyone can relate to. I hope to help someone some day. I hope to inspire something to make others feel some way. I hope to find myself one day.



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  1. I want to say I’m sorry. Though I must say all the words are beautiful. The poem or the caption to it.
    The artwork is great too.
    Sending you hugs.


  2. I really liked this poem, especially the end. Is it a love or a personality issue ? Who knows, as you said, everyone can relate to it to some extent. If you’re lost my friend, I’ll find my way to see you soon. I promised you that !


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