Feel the voice,
and hear it beg.

sentiments in our eyes,
We lay hollow,
We lay silent,
with the end in sight.

We’re too tired,
to keep fighting,
now the sparks within us,
are slowly drowning.

We are powerless.

Feel the voice,
and hear it beg.

We lay in steel and,
We don’t move on,
We let the ember,
cool down,
until our love,
has hardened.

Our curious loneliness,
has taken over,
it is in control,
but we’re not biting,
we’re just bait and,
forever waiting,
forever waiting,
for our happy end.

We are prisoners.

Feel the voice,
and hear it beg.

About this poem:

As most of you know, many of my inspirations and ideas come from dreams I have had and this one is no exception. The poem is inspired by a live version of the song “Space Between” by Sia and the words originate from a dream I’ve had today after listening to the song earlier.
I dreamed of a scenario where two lovers are trapped in a relationship, which has burned up all the passion and now has turned into nothing more than a prison they can’t break out of. In my dream the two lovers were lying on the ground, covered in steel and unable to move. They were singing these words to each other. After I woke up, I couldn’t get these words out of my head, so I decided to write them down and look at the message..

Later I went on deviantart to find an image of a prisoner and this image immediately caught my attention and screamed  at me “Pick me!”. So I did.
Looking at the image and reading the poem again, I feel as if there may even be more of a message than I thought in these words.
What do you think? – YOU be the judge.

I’m glad I made good use of my day today.

Be well everybody.

Prospermind. 🙂

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  1. Beautiful piece of written work!


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  2. This is a really nice piece and yes messages can be layered over each other but the poet has the key to the words of his or her poem

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