Fragments of a Story: Flying Gorilla


“The giant gorilla fell off the building.” Jimmy shouted, interrupting everyone’s fun time at the after party of their movie premiere. Now everyone’s eyes were staring at him, trying to keep down his last four Bloody Marys, and for a short moment, there was nothing but a slowly suffocating silence filling the room, before the horrifying scream of a woman down on the street pierced the air.
And just like that there was panic spreading around the room quicker than a wild fire during the dry summer months. Everyone nervously rushed over to the window where Jimmy was standing to see what was going on.
They had just been celebrating the premiere of their King Kong parody “Gorilla Gone Wild”, when Jacob McAllister, the 27-year-old actor in the gorilla costume, decided to make history and strive for eternal fame by killing himself on the day his movie premiered.

About this Fragment:

I had the first meeting with my creative writing group today and this short piece of flash fiction is the result of a writing prompt I have received by one of my group members.
The prompts were endings from movies in two or three sentences, which were then to be used to spark the beginning of a new story. Great example of recycling by the way.

Oh, in case you haven’t guessed it, but my prompt was the ending of the movie King Kong.

I’m excited to have found an English language writers group in my area and I’m looking forward to participate in more writing prompts like this, as I find writing on the clock in combination with a prompt quite challenging. Which is good. It means there will be things learned.

Have a great weekend and be safe,

prospermind. 😉

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