Short Story Series: The Mysterious Man Part 5 (Finale)


I felt the warm touch of someone’s hand on my shoulder, shaking me.
“We’ve arrived. We’re here.”
It was the driver, holding the door open for me. Somehow I must have fallen asleep. When I got out of the car I was shocked to see that I was being welcomed by two hotel employees, one of which acted a little bit too friendly. Her smile looked like it didn’t belong to her face and someone had glued it on.
I felt strange, really strange. In my mind I still wanted to get away from all of this, but there was something inside of me preventing me from doing so. There was something pulling me towards the hotel instead.
They escorted me to the room I was supposed to be staying in, number 17. The hotel seemed more like a palace and I didn’t see any other guests only staff members along the way up. There was something irritating about them, but I couldn’t make out what it was.
The room was enormous and furnished as if it were meant for some sort of royalty. The lady with the weird smile asked if I was all set for the night, to which I simply replied with speechless nodding. She kept smiling at me for a few seconds before she turned around and slowly closed the door on her way out.

There I was, standing in this big hotel room all by myself, overwhelmed by the situation and with no clue what the hell was going on. I didn’t know what to think anymore. Was all of this really happening to me? And why me?
I thought maybe this was all some sort of insane lucid dream and I was actually still sleeping in my bed back at home. I decided it would be best just to go to sleep, because I remembered reading somewhere that going to sleep in a dream would cause you to wake up. So, I took off my clothes and headed straight for bed. I turned on a little radio that was sitting on the night stand next to me to help me fall asleep faster. I just wanted to be home.

I woke up with pearls of sweat rolling down my face and neck. It felt as if the room’s temperature had gone up by a significant amount of degrees. I cringed. Somebody was running their fingers down my back. I quickly turned around and there he was, lying next to me. The man in the nice suit, but only this time he wasn’t wearing his suit. He was naked.
“Shhh. Don’t worry now my dear Katie. Time for me to collect my favour.”
Before I could say or do anything, he rolled me over and began kissing me wildly. I looked at him and saw him aggressively staring his way into my soul. I could feel his presence inside of me down to the very last fiber of my being. My heart was pounding with dread and excitement. Somehow, I didn’t want him to stop and even if I wanted to, I still felt as if I had lost all control over my body. I watched him take me as I lay powerlessly beneath him. When he finished inside of me and I could feel his essence burning through my body. He got up, lit a cigarette with a snip of his finger and said:
“Thanks. See you soon.”
Then he walked towards the door and with this sinister grin he looked back at my paralysed body before clapping his hands together. After this the room suddenly turned pitch black and the entire hotel fell dead silent.

The next morning I woke up in my own room back at home, wondering if this was all nothing but a dream or if it had really happened, it just felt very real to me. I eventually put it off as nothing but a strange dream. After all I was just glad to be home safe and sound… or was I?


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  1. Well done my friend. Well done

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  2. Some…I hesitate to say climax lol
    Unexpected, and you managed to make the dream slash nightmare angle seem plausible through what happened in the previous installments, so kudos on the twist and the antagonist was sufficiently mysterious and strange without being totally evil.
    Nice work ☺

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  3. Thanks for that. In a way, I’m glad I’ve been away from WordPress for so long because it meant I was able to read all of this in one go instead of having to wait for the different instalments 😀
    I really enjoyed it, I couldn’t wait to click on the next part to read what happened next. Well done, you 🙂

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  4. Nicely done and an intriguing read! I quite enjoyed it. 😊


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