Short Story Series: The Mysterious Man Part 3


The elevator started to shake and all of a sudden the emergency bell went off. The doors were closing and it began to move downwards. I crouched in the corner of the elevator, in shock and complete disbelief of what had just happened. When it reached its destination and the doors opened, I was relieved to see a busy lobby and an elderly couple looking down at me with puzzled looks on their faces in front of me. Still quaking with fear, I managed to get up and get the hell out of that elevator.
I spotted my grandpa in the lobby and walked towards him. When he noticed me his face filled with anger. He started yelling at me.
“Where have you been? We’ve been looking for you for over two hours. Where have you been?”
I was confused.
“I’m sorry, two hours? No, I got stuck in the elevator on the 27
th floor, but it’s only been ten -“.
“I don’t want to hear any excuses young lady.”
He didn’t believe me, neither did my grandma. They accused me of sneaking off and lying to them afterwards and we ended up having a huge argument. I was pretty upset that they wouldn’t listen to me and I couldn’t understand at all why they wouldn’t believe me in the first place. At the same time I couldn’t wrap my mind around how I could’ve been gone for two hours when I could swear, when I knew it were only ten minutes. The whole situation blew up and I just wanted to leave. I rushed back into my room, stuffed all of my things into my bag and left the hotel. I was so angry I didn’t watch where I was going. I bumped into a tall handsome man in a nice suit in front of the hotel. I politely apologised and told him it was my fault for not paying attention. He smiled and asked me if I was alright. I told him I had an argument with someone and that I was on my way to find a bus stop to catch a ride back home. The man then looked at me and said a girl like me shouldn’t wander around at this time looking for a bus stop all by herself. He offered to give me a ride back to his hotel, he said there would be a bus stop right next to it. Being a naive 17 year old girl who just had an argument and wanted to get away as quickly as possible I agreed and took his offer without thinking twice. A big black limo pulled up in front of us, the driver got out and opened the door for us, inviting us in.
I was so amazed by the fact that there was a limousine picking up the nice man in the suit, I didn’t even bother to notice how strange this was, so I just got in.

To be continued…

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