Short Story Series: The Mysterious Man Part 2


Annoyed and a bit scared too, I got off the elevator to look for the staircase and walk downstairs to the lobby myself. I turned right and headed for the end of the hallway, that’s where doors to the staircase were on all the other floors. I made my way through the dim and cold corridor. When I finally reached the end I found that there was nothing but a wall and no door.
I was confused and took a quick look around, I couldn’t see an exit sign anywhere. I decided to try my luck at the other two ends of the corridor on the left side of the elevator. When I passed that damn thing I saw that it was still there with its doors wide open, adding an eerie feeling to the situation. Now I REALLY wanted to get out of there. I picked up the pace and headed for the possible exit on the other side, but no luck. There was no exit anywhere on this floor. In fact I noticed there wasn’t much of anything, it looked like some sort of abandoned floor. Thick layers of dust were piling up on the red carpeted floor and spiderwebs were hanging from the ceiling, some even had the remains of starved spiders dangling in them. All the doors on this floor looked older than the ones downstairs and they all had the same room number, number 17. It all seemed pretty unreal to me, like some sort of freaky dream.
I began to panic and bolted back to the elevator. I nervously pressed all the buttons and tried to make it work.
“Work goddammit! Work!”.
No reaction.
I tried pressing the emergency bell but it didn’t work either. I became hysterical and started to scream for help, but it seemed as if the people in the floors below just couldn’t hear me. I was more than scared, I was thoroughly mortified and I didn’t know what else to do. I broke down in a corner of the elevator and cried. Moments later I heard the most bone-chilling laugh echoing through the entire 27
th floor. It was a deep male’s and the most malevolent laugh I had ever heard. My heart froze.

To be continued…

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