Fatigue (Not Really A Poem)


I feel lifeless today.
I don’t know why,
but sometimes I feel
like my life force is running low.
I just feel tired,
a different sort of tired,
I can’t quite explain,
it just feels as if life
is being drained from my body.

Sometimes I feel,
too tired to stand, speak,
or even to breathe.
It used to be alarming
and a bit scary, too,
however as I’ve gained knowledge
over time,
I came to peace
with the thought,
that one day we all,
have to die.

I am not scared
because I believe,
we get to
have the chance
to be reborn.

About the poem:

These are nothing but some thoughts I have had recently. Please, do not be worried about me, I’m fortunate enough to say, that I am well.
These thoughts took me by surprise yesterday and I quickly typed them into my phone while I was waiting for some friends at a metro station. I left it exactly as I wrote it. I find the way I wrote it down is almost poetic and I quite like the message behind it, that’s all.

See you soon,


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  1. Great poem. I could relate. We all have our days like that. ‘Cos we’re human….

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  2. I quite like the poem too! 🙂

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