To Love A Ghost


Here I go again,
I am not like most,
writing love letters,
to a ghost.
Tears fall,
onto the sorrow of my words,
dialing long-distance calls,
to the netherworld,
connection lost,
along the way.

Fading pictures on the walls,
speak in silence,
awful sound.
I still visit you,
in the land of dreams,
where all is like before,
and together we,
relive past memories,
while the stars above,
beautify the sky,
in fantasy: I’m happy,
in reality: I cry.

If you weren’t gone,
I would be your guide,
but now you’re on your own,
on the other side,
’cause you never took life seriously,
did you?!
So now every night,
I am not like most,
I write love letters,
to a ghost.

About the poem:

This poem has its origins in a dream I had last night. The dream was so overwhelming and powerful, when I woke up it left behind a strong feeling of sadness for a while. I don’t remember the whole story, however the lines above are what’s left of this dream.

There is something in this, we all can relate to in one way or the other I believe.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read.

All my best to you,


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  1. I love this Prospermind! PArticularly the last stanza. Probably because, again, I can imagine it as song lyrics!

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  2. Wow… Beautiful piece 🙂

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  3. Freaking amazing.I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster award.You can see the details here

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