Final Attempt.


Break off a piece
inside of me
and drown it
in the shadowed water,
take me away
from where the sun is shining
to the icy hills
and let my senses freeze over.

Break off a piece
inside of me
until you reach
my heavy heart,
a chunk of steel,
melt it down
with all the other parts,
then reshape as you please.

Place the finished piece
into the nothingness
of my chest,
count to three
as I lie motionless,
hit reset and watch
my final attempt
at breaking free
from all the things,
breaking me.

About the poem:

I heard the siren of a muse today. It’s funny how the creative process works sometimes, inspiration and opportunity both have one thing in common: You have to be ready for them when they arrive and not the other way around.
So, even though I have lots of (less exciting) tasks to do today, I dropped everything for a few minutes, grabbed a pen and started writing down these words. Now, back to the boring stuff…

See you soon,


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  1. Well, I’m very glad you dropped all the boring stuff to share this with the world!
    Thank you!
    It’s beautiful!


    Liked by 1 person

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