Who built the moon?


Who built the moon?
Was earth whacked by Mars,
and has a piece of us been sent,
towards the stars?

Who built the moon?
Was it placed by friends or foes,
is it an abandoned arch of sorts maybe?
Nobody knows.

Who built the moon?
Scientists all scratch their heads,
but won’t admit they have no clue,
adding more theories instead.

Who built the moon?
Who gave our little earth,
this big balloon,
after its birth?

Who built the moon?
If you’ve never wondered,
revealing the answer,
would be too soon.

About the poem:

This poem was inspired by a few YouTube videos I’ve watched recently. I believe most of us have been there at some point, in this maze-like “Conspiracy Corner” of YouTube after binge watching all sorts of videos. While doing exactly this, I came across a few videos about the moon and many theories how it came to be with one theory wilder than the other. All in all I found these theories quite interesting and entertaining, as they jump-started my imagination.
Now, I don’t believe things blindly, however I very much enjoy (and I’m fortunate enough) to keep an open mind.

See you soon,

prospermind. 😉

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