Fragments of a Story: Strange Chambers Part 3


I was in my room, sitting on the bed and staring out of the window to see if there was anything going on outside. It was almost lunch time and even though the maid said something about today being a busy day, nothing had happened so far. The entire house was dead silent, causing an atmosphere that kept on nourishing the nervousness I felt since breakfast.

I couldn’t stay in my room any longer, I needed to do something and distract myself or soon the nervousness would turn into pure panic. I opened my door and quietly stepped into the corridor, tiptoeing towards my brother’s room. Halfway there I heard someone coming up the stairs in front of me. My heart was pounding and for some reason I had a feeling it would be best not to get caught wandering around outside of my room. I needed to hide, but I wouldn’t make it back to my room in time, so I went for the door behind me and slipped into whatever room was behind it. The wooden floors made themselves known by releasing creaking sighs beneath my feet, as soon as I entered.

Unable to move, I froze in fear behind the door, hoping that whoever was on their way upstairs, wouldn’t come into this room and find me here. As the footsteps became louder I noticed they were two different sets of feet and they were definitely coming my way. Now panicking I tried to breathe quietly while listening to the footsteps in the corridor outside.
‘Tap tap, tap tap, tap tap’.

They stopped. I couldn’t breathe, they were right outside on the other side of the door I was hiding behind. Then the footsteps continued, now in a threateningly fast pace, moving towards the end of the corridor, my end of the corridor. I was terrified and in this moment I wished for nothing more than the pair of golden daggers to make me feel safe.
Whoever was out there has just entered my room.
“She’s not here.” I heard a deep male voice say.
A woman responded, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying.
“Alright, let’s go!” the male voice ordered, before they ran down the corridor towards my brother’s room.
Only seconds later I heard my brother say: “Katherine?! Is that you? What are you doing? Who is -“ what followed then was the most horrifying sound I would never forget. My little brother was screaming. Then again, dead silence.

Paralysed and shocked by what I just witnessed I stood behind that door, hyperventilating. 
“Katherine? But… but I, I am Katherine!” I heard myself say.
Laughter. An unfamiliar laughter suddenly echoed from behind.
“That’s right Kat, you sure as hell are your mother’s daughter.” I heard a woman’s strangely familiar voice say from inside the room, right before I felt a cold, sharp stabbing pain in my lower back.

To be continued…

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  1. ive taken to writing parts-based horror story as well ( though my pace is very lathargic)
    Curious to see how yours pans out

    Liked by 1 person

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