Fragments of a Story: Strange Chambers Part 2


‘Click click’.
I woke up feeling that somebody has just left my room. My tired eyes wandered around the room trying to figure out if it was a dream or not.
There it was. The note I put on the night stand next to me last night was gone. I jumped out of bed to search the floor, under the bed, even in bed for it, but there was nothing. No sign of last nights mysterious note anywhere in the room.
“Okay, deep breaths. Calm down. You know the note was real, you held it in your own two hands, it wasn’t a dream. Somebody must’ve taken it!”
I was trying not to panic.
“It was probably just my brother.”
Convinced and self-assured, I went to see if he was back in his room and check on him as he barely went outside, because the “watching walls” scared him. He wouldn’t come all the way to the other end of this long, dark corridor, unless he really wanted something.

I knocked on his door.
“Felix? It’s me. Can I come in?” – No reply.
I knocked again, a little louder this time, but still no answer.
 I opened the door. His bed was empty and made. I took a step inside his room but before I could go in any further I felt someone tapping me on my back. I cringed.
“Hey Sis, were you looking for me? I thought you’re sleeping, breakfast is ready. Come quick!”
“You scared me! Do you have the note you took from my night stand earlier? I need it back.”
“What note? I didn’t go to your room, the maid told me you were still sleeping.”
My stomach turned.
“What?! There was a note on my pillow last night, I believe it was from -“
“Ahh. There you two are. Come on kids, breakfast is ready down in the kitchen. Hurry, we have a busy day ahead of us today and no time to waste. Now, now, let’s go.” The maid was standing behind us, smiling. Then she took my brother by his hand and went with us downstairs into the kitchen.
“Who took the note if not my brother?” I didn’t feel well, I didn’t feel well at all.

I desperately wanted to tell my brother about the note, but the maid didn’t leave the kitchen for one second. She was scrubbing the stove and probably spying on us as well. So, I didn’t talk much during breakfast and pretended to be sleepy instead.
I didn’t know what it was, but something was eerie about this place and about this entire situation. We’ve been living in this strange mansion for about a week and we haven’t seen or spoken to the strange man, since the day he took us in. Where was he? I knew he must’ve been here in the mansion with us, I could see his car from my window.
We haven’t officially been shown to any other rooms other than the kitchen, our separate rooms and a bathroom upstairs. The only person we’ve seen and interacted with so far, was the maid. And she would only come and get us from our rooms to accompany us into the kitchen to eat and show us back to our rooms afterwards.
This mansion felt more like a prison, than a home to me and something inside me told me that we were going to regret coming here very soon…

To be continued…

In case you missed it: Click here for Part 1 of my new flash fiction series Strange Chambers.

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  1. Right, I hope you’re in the process of writing the third instalment… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, yes! I’ve just finished the next part. I just couldn’t stop thinking about the story and how much fun this new side of writing is for me.
      I’m surprising myself with where I am going with this, it’s completely different from what I originally had in mind just yesterday. However I couldn’t stop writing today and I find it quite exciting to explore the unknown and just go to wherever the story leads me. I have lost control already, especially with the third part. 😀
      I’m going to let it sit and sleep over it for one night now and probably continue this little series tomorrow already. Now the only thing left to do is finding THE perfect image for part three and that’s the real challenge here.. 😛

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  2. Is there a big wardrobe in the mansion with fur coats in it?

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  3. I really like the way you introduced the fact that the main protagonist was a girl. I didn’t understand it that way in the first part, and I think that it’s smoothly made! I’ll definitely keep reading your stories 🙂


  4. It has a Gothic feel to it. I like it!

    Liked by 1 person

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