When We Drop.


When we drop,
the impulses stop.
Our last gasp,
through the air,
and everything we were,
is all over,
is all over,
the moment we drop,
everything stops.

When we drop,
the heart beats stop.
Every minute spent,
burning through time,
doing things we loved,
things we hated,
doing things,
that made us laugh,
made us cry,
made us feel.

When we drop,
our world stops.
Everything that mattered,
everything so dear,
forever remains,
inside our skulls,
the moment we drop,
when it’s all over,
it’s all over.
It’s all gone.

About this poem:

I got the idea for this poem after I watched an episode of The Walking Dead. A character in the show died unexpectedly and mid-sentence, thus inspiring the words for the poem above.
Inspiration lies everywhere and can hit at any time, it’s definitely good to act on the soft whispers of our muse, however we shouldn’t rely on inspiring moments only, we should be creative and flex our mind’s muscles even when we’re “uninspired”.

The piece is a little dark, yes. However we, who write, can’t control the words that come to us when inspiration strikes, right?!
We have to simply let go and write.

See you soon,

prospermind. 🙂

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  1. My best regards my friend!


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  2. The moment we drop
    Is a sign of
    That we fall
    To stand tall


    Excellent my friend 🙂

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