Daily Dispatch 28: #SixThreeOne (Challenge No. 5)

days_of_desperation_by_illpadrino-d5gnm7gSix words. Three stories. One image. – Six, three, one: It has begun.

#1  All that remains: Your memory, skin-deep.

#2  You left. Filling cracks with ink.

#3  Spilled heart – All over my body.


Attention Readers:

I hereby challenge,
anyone and everyone,
who wants some fun,
to participate in my,
Six, three, one.

Tell me three stories,
within six words,
to the image of my choice,
let’s hear those stories,
let’s hear your voice.

Tell me about it,
in the comments below,
now let the fun,
begin in,

This challenge is part of the project Daily Dispatch.

About #SixThreeOne:

It’s all about connecting. I’ve enjoyed all of your wonderful contributions during the past four challenges and I can’t get enough. I’ve licked blood and I want more. Yes, yes, mooooorrreee!
So, give it a try and unleash your Six Word Stories. Bring it on. I dare you.

They don’t have to be brilliant (though I strongly think that they will be), they just have to tell the stories the image above is telling YOU. Telling each story with only Six words, that’s the only “tricky” part, but it’s actually quite easy once you play around a little bit.

So? Have I convinced you, yes YOU, now to give it a try and tell me your Six Word Stories? Well, good! Now, off you go. Let’s tell some stories, shall we? 🙂

See you soon,


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  1. Holy mackinaw! Those heels… too high! My writing skills are rusty …

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  2. 1. Fantasy spills all over my skin
    2. We partied hard. I’m tired.
    3. Derelict places sometimes hide pretty flowers.

    4. Want to see more? Undress me!
    (sorry, I had to go there 😉 )

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  3. Trapped in the net, once again.

    An open door she won’t pass.

    Timeless moments etched to forever live.

    …Thought I’d try to flex my Ernest creative muscle.

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  4. #1: She was rock, but he’d rolled.
    #2: Morning was less forgiving than night
    #3: The open door promised too much

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  5. i sit waiting for my future
    don’t abandon me, read my story
    that’s been traced on my skin

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