Daily Dispatch 24: #SixThreeOne (Challenge No. 3)

Six words. Three stories. One image. – Six, three, one: It has begun.

#1  I tried to be your sun.

#2  You looked at my remains – ashamed.

#3  Still. My heart remains frozen inside.

Attention Readers:

I hereby challenge,
anyone and everyone,
who wants some fun,
to participate in my,
Six, three, one.

Tell me three stories,
within six words,
to the image of my choice,
let’s hear those stories,
let’s hear your voice.

Tell me about it,
in the comments below,
now let the fun,
begin in,

This challenge is part of the project Daily Dispatch.

About the #SixThreeOne-Challenge:

Yes. Another one. I simply couldn’t resist to write another set of Six Word Stories. They’re simply too much fun. In total I ended up writing 47 Six Word Stories today.

I hope to see some (or many) of you participate in this challenge. I’m very curious about what other stories the image above is telling you. Please let me know, it’s super exciting.

Looking forward to your stories.

See you soon,


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  1. The universe unfolds, exploding within me.

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  2. Infernos can only shortly be contained

    Stone to flesh–quickened by fire

    The former yields–new matrix born

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  3. a. Yellowstone erupted, and all was lost.
    b. And everything boiling underneath was exposed.
    c. The cancer burned, from inside-out.

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  4. Your touch runs molten through me.

    You’ve left; burned, shattered – Destroyed.

    Our memories collide, combusting within me.

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  5. Central heating turned up too high.
    Bad hair day – can’t go out.
    Must visit nail bar – nails ruined.

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  6. I hope this Easter fill your home with peace, joy
    and lots of colorful Easter eggs and I wish you a very
    happy Easter, filled with lots of love and happiness …


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  7. 1. Too many dark thoughts. Shattered brain.
    2. Fire within: new lease on life.
    3. You can’t hide your true self.

    And another one that came, but more than 6 words… 🙂
    Cracks in my walls. Peek at my soul.

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  8. ashes to ashes, dust to dust
    an internal fire of pure lust
    not tonight, I have a headache

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  9. I’ll write just one because I’m not really that good at writing beautiful poetic words.
    Her emotions could not be contained.
    Pimple on my nose-must hide.
    Okay, that was even worse. I’ll try and get better at this.

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    • Thank you for participating! Don’t worry about being good or bad at this. It’s simply for fun and it’s about the story this image is telling YOU. 🙂
      I’m looking forward to seeing you again on one of these challenges.
      Be well. 😀


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