Daily Dispatch 23: Lost in Space.

Babsi am trockenen Teich

Alone in the dark,
I stood like a rock,
left to fall apart,
and lost in space.

But then the gravity,
of your chain pulled me,
back down onto the ground,
it shattered my heart and,
sprinkled its pieces all around.

I wanted to scream,
but no one would hear,
it seemed my cries,
were as lost as me.

So I rebelled alone in the dark,
only for the moons to see,
and yet you kept on trying,
to tame the heart,
you found in me.

This poem is part of the project Daily Dispatch.

About this poem:

I have written this poem yesterday on the train. I was doing a friend a favour and accompanied her on a business trip to support her presentation. The trip consumed the entire day so it wasn’t possible to post anything yesterday.

Even though it bothers me a little, that I wasn’t able to post my Daily Dispatch yesterday, I’m still glad I found some time to write. At least I kept my goal and wrote something yesterday.

I’m gonna work on my Daily Dispatch for today later on today after I’m done with everything else on my agenda.

Have a nice (and productive) day everyone.

See you soon,



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