Daily Dispatch 22: #SixThreeOne (Challenge No. 2)

down__down__the_cities_go_down_on_me_by_alicelitwin-d4kaqheSix words. Three stories. One image. – Six, three, one: It has begun.

#1  Our love died a cruel death.

#2  You smashed my heart to pieces.

#3  You left me behind – hollow inside.

Attention Readers:

I hereby challenge,
anyone and everyone,
who wants some fun,
to participate in my,
Six, three, one.

Tell me three stories,
within six words,
to the image of choice,
let’s hear those stories,
let’s hear your voice.

Tell me about it,
in the comments below,
now let the fun,
begin in,

This challenge is part of my project Daily Dispatch.

About #SixThreeOne:

Today, I felt like doing another SixThreeOne-Challenge, as I very much enjoyed all your fantastic contributions in the last one, which can be found here.

Also, I enrolled in this week’s BloggingU: Commenting Bootcamp here on WordPress, to see if there is anything more I can learn about writing comments (I’m sure there is).
I thought this would also be a great opportunity for some of my fellow “classmates” to approach a more creative part of commenting and get out of their comfort zone a little bit, as many of them are quite new to the Blogosphere and still a bit shy.

So please don’t be shy and send me your stories.

That’s it for today, let’s hear those stories.

See you soon,



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  1. Hey I saw this post on the commenting bootcamp and thought i would take part, you can check my entry out Here!

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  2. Sitting alone, contemplating, lost in thought
    My Remorse, My regret, my shame
    I really hate this night club

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  3. You left me, quite too sudden
    Alone now, my colours slowly fading
    Waiting for you, one I love

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  4. Slowmo reflection neath chaotic disco lights.
    one real moment in my head
    my mask suddenly came crashing down…

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  5. Oh no! My lucky earring fell
    Risk crushed fingers to find it?
    Survive with only half the luck?

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  6. I am blue mood and light
    Don’t let the sun find me
    I’m more beautiful in the darkness

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  7. Hey I found Jake@thepeasant blog’s stories very interesting ! 🙂 thought provoking ..I am now thinking 🙂

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  8. 1. Though colours abound, I feel blue.
    2. Numb amidst the crowd and lights.
    3. I shouldn’t have popped a pill.

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  9. Neon Plays Upon Her Waxen Face.
    Eyes Stare Hard At Death’s Embrace.
    Another Casualty Of the Human Race.

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  10. Brighter the lights – larger the shadows
    Colors do not define our skins
    Nothing to say under the spotlight


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