Daily Dispatch 21: The Martian.


You want to go,
and live on Mars,
but my heart longs for,
the moon,
and for the stars.

It’s sad to say,
we have to part,
and go our ways,
but we can’t deny,
who we are.

Maybe one day,
not too far,
I will,
make a stop,
on planet Mars.

I will bring you,
a little star,
from my travels,
through the galaxy.

To say thank you,
for letting go,
and allowing me,
by doing so,
to be,
to be,

This poem is part of the project Daily Dispatch.

About the poem:

This poem started out as an idea for a short futuristic love story. However as soon as I started to write down my thoughts, I couldn’t stop myself from turning this into a poem. It tells a basic version of the story I imagined anyway.
I have to admit one thing though: In a way, this poem feels as if I didn’t put as much effort in it as I could. In short: It feels like half-assed work to me.
Nonetheless it doesn’t really matter how I feel about it, what matters is that I sat down and kept writing. I filled another blank page today and this is already something to be thankful for. For all we ever have, is today. And tomorrow? No one can say.

See you soon,



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  1. By far not half assed work by no means. It is a beautiful tale of letting go and it has matured to insightfulness of letting go without the raw emotion of telling the story. Well done my friend. Sometimes writing that is effortless comes out to be a gem and this certainly is.

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