Daily Dispatch 13: Find Your Way.


May you find,
something good,
something bad,
something happy,
or something sad.

Whatever it is,
that you desire,
I sincerely hope,
that you find something,
that will inspire.

Look to find,
with open eyes,
and you will discover,
the world’s beauty,
smiling at you,
in disguise.


This poem is part of my project Daily Dispatch.

About the poem:

I didn’t write much more than these few lines today. I wrote this for a friend as a little cheer-me-up text message.

We’re all looking for our path in life, for our purpose, our destiny. Sometimes, the uncertainty of where our way is heading can be a little overwhelming and worrisome. Don’t worry, but care a little!

All we can ever do is shape our future day by day and simply keep our eyes open for the opportunities coming our way.

See you soon,


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  1. It is a nice tongue in cheek poem. Be well

    Liked by 1 person

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