Daily Dispatch 11: Constant Craving.


My heart’s on fire,
It burns with love,
And much desire.

It burnt a hole,
Into my chest,
It’s still burning,
It never rests.

This poem is part of my project Daily Dispatch.

About the poem:

Everybody craves for something, especially people with food allergies. I wrote this poem about all the small delicious things, denied to the ones plagued by food allergies. If you’re reading this and you’re suffering from a food allergy, you know the feeling.

This is it for today. It’s short. It’s sweet. It’s Friday.

See you soon,


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  1. Slightly disturbing pictorial image.

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  2. I like the connection you made with this picture, it’s a pretty powerful image I used to be allergic to a lot of foods when I was younger and I remember how strongly I craved for those food!

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    • Thank you very much catekatja!
      Oh, I’m glad to hear from someone who used to be allergic but isn’t anymore! Good for you. I hope that one day my food allergy (lactose) will disappear as suddenly as it came. I do miss vanilla ice cream very much! 😉


  3. And the nice thing is, it could be read as any sort of craving, not just for forbidden foods 😉

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  4. Gluten intolerant – my heart burns for pizza 😉

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