Daily Dispatch 4: Wind.


Young death, awaits us all.
Love is the inspiration for my eyes.
Every day is another brick,
stuck into these walls.

And the wind is in the house.
And the wind is in the air.
And the wind is in the sky.
And the wind is in the breeze.
And the wind is in the future.
And the wind is in the past.

Music, makes one fearless.
Creation makes you feel alive.
Build. Write. Paint. Create.
Be loud in which ever way,
because silence means,
that you have died!

don’t ignore!
Leave something
for others,
to find.

And after everything is gone,
and lost in time,
the wind will remain,
the wind will last,
and carry the ashes,
into the future,
from the past.


This poem is part of the project Daily Dispatch.

About the poem:

To be honest: I have no idea what happened here. I took a pen, which was actually my phone, and simply started to write down whatever word would come to my mind. In the end the poem above was born and filled my blank page for today.

It’s a beautiful and sunny day today, maybe the nice weather inspired me to write these few lines or maybe it was something else. No matter what it was, I’m glad to have written something today. Today, I created something, no matter if it’s good or bad, it’s something to be proud of, because at least I’ve done something productive with the day I had and didn’t waste it.

So, what have you done with your day today?
Feel free to share it in the comments below, I’ll be glad to check it out and maybe get some more inspiration from all you productive bloggers out there.

See you soon,


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  1. Not as good as mine but still ok. Kidding lol 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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