Daily Dispatch 3: My Alchemy


Today, I invite you to take a look into my notebook. What you’re about to read is an incomplete, unedited and rough draft of an idea for a poem I’ve had today. The idea was inspired by Paulo Coelho‘s The Alchemist. I recently found the 25th anniversary edition of Coelho’s international bestseller on my travels through China, which I absolutely loved to re-read during the Chinese New Year break. Happy new year of the monkey by the way. Enjoy:

Is my
I brew potions
For love
Or hate
My alchemy
Alters every

I’m the
Master of
The elements
In every

Little bottles
Without a name
Filled with
Filled with luck
Brewing potions
Is no children’s game
I don’t chose
I simply brew
And whether you drink it
Is up to you.

I put together
Whatever I can
For me they sing
For me they dance
I combine all elements
Together they form
A harmony
Only a true alchemist
Can see.


This spontaneous poem is part of the project Daily Dispatch. I don’t know if I will ever work on it again or leave it as it is, but I know this: Tomorrow is going to be a new day full of unwritten stories waiting to fill someone’s blank page and I certainly can’t wait to fill mine.

See you soon,


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  1. I’m sorry I don’t have much time to follow this endeavour of yours, not in the next couple of months.
    But I love the Alchemist… And I love your poem, that you’re brave enough to publish it here even if you’re not sure it’ll stay like this or evolve still… Keep writing! 🙂

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    • Oh no, please don’t be sorry. We all have our busy times every now and then.
      I’m glad you love this book as well and thanks for the love towards my poem. Yes, I’m simply trying to get back to not caring or worrying to much about what others may think. I’m also trying to get back to a more natural feeling of writing, sometimes it just feels forced to me. I simply want to pour it all out and leave it as it came, there must be a reason for why it came in a particular way and I think unedited raw pieces are way more interesting than overly edited pieces.
      I hope you’re well and see you soon, until then, I’ll just keep on writing. 😉

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      • I’m well… mostly. 🙂
        Just overworked and quite tired. So I’ll probably won’t take the time to read every single piece you post. But I agree with you, often, when I write something, it’s best when I don’t edit it too much. This afternoon I tried editing too much and I ended up not having enough time to finish the project :-/
        Oh well! We’ll see what comes of it 🙂
        Enjoy writing. Know that I’m there to support you even when I don’t stop by or say so 😀


  2. I’m in the middle of this book. I can’t believe it took me so long to read it. Love the piece, the “little bottle” stanza in particular.

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    • Oh, I love the story so much. It’s very inspiring to me and whenever I doubt some choices I’ve made, I think about the shepherd boy’s story and it immediately makes me feel better.
      Thank you very much, I’m so glad you like it.
      Have a lovely day. 🙂

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  3. Never read such a beautiful “unfinished work.”

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