Birthday Tragedy.


Let me sing you,
this one,
birthday song.

About this place,
I’ve always loved,
that made everything,
seem so slow.
Oh, if only,
I could go,
and see it,
one last time.
But here I am,
lying one the ground,
spending this day,
dying instead.

I never thought,
that it’d be you,
who’d bring me down,
who’d turn me into,
nothing more than a memory.

And as I lied there,
on the coldest ground,
I had so many questions,
I was wondering,
about what would happen,
what would be next,
why you were holding my hand,
and if I’d ever return,
to this wicked place.

Then I felt,
the bullet moveย inside my head,
and this warm embrace,
before your kiss,
took away my final breath.

Let me sing you,
this one,
birthday song.
About the day I died,
and about how it somehow was a day,
full of joy,
and full of pride.

I immediately knew,
that it was time for me,
I saw it in your eyes,
after you arrived.
So very lethal,
but oh so kind,
you’d picked the perfect day for me,
to leave this life behind.

And when you finally came,
to tell me goodbye,
my final gift for you,
was a smile.
As my tears fell,
to the ground,
between us,
this awful sound.

You dropped your gun,
and began to run,
you wanted to see,
didn’t seem like,
and while you cried,
you said to me:

“It’s the perfect time,
it’s the perfect day,
to get carried away,
and I thought you might like it.
Happy Birthday.”

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  1. I love the way you weaved this story

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  2. Good to read you!
    It’s a sad song, yet beautifully written, as usual ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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