Me: Zombie.


Me drafting,
through haze,
Me roaming,
godless place.

Me feeling,
inside dead,
Me no flicker,
inside head.

Me rotting,
away my life,
Me wondering,
how me survive.

Me Zombie,
Me Zombie,
you better,
run from me.

Me not know,
what to do,
Me not belong,
among you.

No more logic,
in my eyes,
Me living,
but not alive.

Me so lonely,
Me alone,
Me continue,
aimless roam.

Me lost soul,
Me no goal,
without my core,
me not me any more.

Me Zombie,
Me Zombie,
Me have no,
place to be.

Me not sad,
Me not good,
Me not bad,
Me just dead.

Me walk,
Me roam,
Me Zombie,
forever alone.

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  1. enjoyed the use of “me”

    the third stanza makes me feel like shit (as a compliment, obviously)

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  2. Awesome! Love the simplicity!

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  3. I can identify with the feeling. I like how you repeated “me” showing the damage a zombie like life, it feels like you are shouting out to someone but the person is not hearing.

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  4. Incredible creativity. Your flow is so refreshing!


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