Up on the rooftop.


Up on the rooftop,
I sat down and cried,
up on the rooftop,
needed a place to hide.

I turned my back,
on the world behind,
staring into the further,
never failed to calm my mind.

And in the midst,
of the purple sky,
the sun began to sing,
a lullaby.

Up on the rooftop,
my world is fine,
up on the rooftop,
I can stop time.

And if only for a while,
I can dream a little,
and forget this pain,
before it all returns to me,
when I climb down again.

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  1. I loved it!

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  2. The thing is… sitting on the rooftop helps get a different perspective, whether in the physical world or the emotional one. So when we climb back down, we are hopefully better equipped to face what before brought us pain, in ways that don’t hurt quite as much 🙂
    Beautiful as always. Only 14 more 😉

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  3. For the times when we have to return,
    Smile is the tool to hide the pain and burn.

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  4. Great! Is that a photo of you?

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  5. Never stop smiling little boy.

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