Little Treasures.

Here’s my treasure chest,
please, Unbolt it carefully,
for it holds all kinds of treasures,
the world must see.

Guarded by the spirit’s keepers,
these treasures lie,
seeing the whispers,
from the angels in the sky.

Take good care of Tony’s,
Crumble Cult collection,
for unicorns are quite rare,
and worth to mention.

Between jewels and gold,
My treasure chest also holds,
This Mortal Flesh of,
creative souls.

Wrapped In Noir Velvet,
you will find,
countless stories of,
what love can leave behind.

It also holds so many,
of Dawn’s Nights tales,
and the wisdom,
they never fail to unveil.

The DoubleU,
A man and his words,
speaking into the universe,
A poet – true.

it holds much more,
of all the talents,
I adore.

This is,
my little treasure chest,
which without time spent well,
I would have missed.

Now, in case you all are wondering,
I just want to celebrate,
all the wonderful things,
that you create.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant. There are no other comments I can make except brilliant. Thanks for linking. Much appreciated. Didn’t get notification on this one either. I’ll have to unfollow you and follow again. That usually does the trick. Be well.

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  2. The LIKE button is not loading so…..LIKEยดD

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  3. How lovely way to promote other’s people work. I’m really impressed! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Beyond sweet…I have you in my little paperback notebook, secured in velvet and a little dead orchid to keep you company โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

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  5. Hey, WP guys! Where is the โ€˜OMFG!โ€™ button?!
    Well… thanks heavens, at least I can compensate this by triple pressing the โ€˜Followโ€™ button ๐Ÿ˜›
    Oh, my dear mysterious Mr Mโ€ฆ Wว’ hฤ›n xiวŽng nว, mother fucker! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • Hahaha, when I read this, I couldn’t help myself but to burst out in the loudest laugh. Earned myself some confused looks.
      Your comments are always something to look forward to, they always cause wide grins on my face! ๐Ÿ˜€
      I’m very happy and glad you like it Tia!!
      Be well my badass friend! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  6. You’re a badass bro! This is awesome!

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  7. I’m in a poem. I’m actually IN a poem! Wow!
    Thank you, is all I can humbly say. You made my day ๐Ÿ™‚
    Herzlichen Dank. Diese Wรถrter meinen mehr fรผr mich, als ich je ausdrรผcken can.

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  8. I am honoured to have been part of one of your fine poems. Oh my motherfudging WOW. Just gotta squeal with glee for a moment… ๐Ÿ˜›

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  9. How beautiful ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

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  10. Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    Very creative way to share other blog pages without reblogging!! Check it out!

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  11. great to link to others work in a creative way – thanks for the introductions!

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