The broken ones.


We are the broken ones,
We’re barely hanging on.

Maybe I’m wasting my life here,
yes, maybe,

We walk through this life,
all we do is collecting scars,
but at least,
we’ve made it this far.

We are scarred.

We are the broken ones,
We’re barely hanging on.

Now all that’s left is only fear,
we’ve been marked by this life,
we carry our pain around,
until the end of our years.

I’ve walked many miles,
to get to this point,
right here,
right now.

But maybe I’ve been walking the wrong way,
yes, maybe,
don’t know.

All that’s left for us,
are the tears of our hearts,
reflecting where we turned wrong,
always reminding us of;

being a broken one…

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  1. Welcome back for a little breath of air. How are you studies going? The poetry is a pensive and reflection into a journey of brokenness. You have captured the mood and I really like these lines that follow:

    All that’s left for us,
    are the tears of our hearts,

    It speaks for the whole poem in itself. Be well my friend

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  2. Gripping and powerful as usual brother! Well done.

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  3. I read this yesterday, liked it yesterday but am having a hard time commenting because I’m in such a different frame of mind at the moment, refusing to see the dark and deciding to focus on the light instead…
    I am sorry you feel like you are a broken one, or that you walked so far but in the wrong direction.
    This is my old voice or reason again, but… you are so young, there is still all the time in the world to get to where you are trying to go. And hopefully plenty of time to.
    And it doesn’t matter if you don’t choose the shortest route there, because what matters in the end is not the goal, we all reach that same goal and most of us find it comes too soon. What really matters is the journey. So forget about the pace you take. Some days, you need to walk slower because it goes uphill, or there’s a block in the road, some days you *want* to walk slower, so you can admire the pretty flowers, small explosions of colour adourning the dull grey of the road…
    Some days, you just need to rest, to gather up a little bit more strength. But whatever your pace, what matters is whether you enjoy the journey, my friend.
    Sending you lots of positive thoughts.

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  4. I think of the phrase “beauty from ashes” and hope you find the path to life and joy. This is a powerful portrayal of how it feels to be “in the ashes.”

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  5. This broke my heart. So beautiful and real, from the heart.

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