When you’re gone.

When you’re gone,
I’ll have no one left.

There won’t be,
telling me stories,
of my childhood days,
telling me tales,
from days,
far behind.

When you’re gone,
I won’t have,
to tell me,
how things,
used to be.

When you’re gone,
I’ll be all alone,
I’ll be all alone,
I’ll be all alone.

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  1. this is beautiful and so wonderful with the way you make feeling come from a few sentences

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  2. I m to cry. D:

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  3. Hugs!
    But, in my experience, you’re not all alone. They are still there, watching over you. You think of them in hard times and you instantly know what they would tell you to do. You think of them in good times, somehow finding a way to share your joy with them simply by the power of thinking about them while being happy.
    More hugs!

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    • My dear Dawn, you never fail to find the right words. Your comments always make me happy. Perfectly said, I also like to believe this.
      And thank you for all these hugs, thanks for the love. ❤ 🙂

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      • I’m so glad my comments made you happy.
        I was glad to read this wasn’t about your mother. And I totally sympathise with the difficulty of having one’s grandfather in hospital. I went through this with mine, and he’s actually the one I was thinking of when I wrote my comment to you.
        Sending more hugs.
        And the love… I have so much to share, it would be selfish not to spread it. Or maybe I’d just explode from so much of it, so it’s actually selfish to share it 😉

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  4. And that’s exactly why we have to make the most out of the time we have we our loved ones 🙂

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  5. I hope she’s ok… I’m sorry…

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    • Don’t worry, I’m happy to announce that my mom is officially cancer free since three weeks ago. I know, that she’ll have to go get checked every few months from now on, but still it’s such a relief to know she’s won this battle. She truly walked through it all like a warrior.
      I wrote this for my grandfather, after he’s been admitted to the hospital.
      Thanks for your concern L, I hope all is well. ❤ 🙂

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      • AMAZING NEWS! *__*’
        Check ups are stupid things, no worries! I thought the poem was announcing the opposite to be honest but I’m so happy to hear this.
        Big hugs to you and your mom! She made it and you with her! 🙂
        And you’re not alone, what are we then? 😉

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      • Yes, it’s such a weight off my chest. Especially now that I’m about to go to China for a year. She’s been a brave woman. I admire that.
        You’re right, of course I’m not alone. Sometimes, when things seem hopeless, we tend to forget about all the friends we have, be it real life or virtual friends, it doesn’t matter. Friends are friends.

        Thank you for all your support, I’m happy to have met such amazing people here and you are one of the special ones! 😉

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  6. Huhuhu you made me cry 😥 this is very touching

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  7. Look, I know it’s weird for one guy to say this to another guy but… this makes me want to give you a big hug right now. Heck, I’d settle for a handshake. No? Okay, how about I make you a nice cup of tea? 😛

    Seriously though, I am impressed by your willingness to be so open with emotion. Not many men are like this and I think it’s generally to our detriment. Keep being brave and keep putting yourself out there like this. We need more like you. 🙂

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    • Well Tony, I’d take whatever comfort you’d have to offer. I don’t really care if guys hug or even cry together, heck!! We’re human beings with beating hearts! So. I’d be happy with a good, a handshake, a cup of tea, a few beers (but we’d have to drink them together, because drinking alone is just depressing), a funny story, a funny joke, an unfunny joke, a picture you drew, self-made comfort food or whatever. I’d take it all, I’d never reject a loving deed from anyone. 😛

      Thank you for such an amazing compliment and for your honesty. I really appreciate you saying so, wow!
      Well, when I started this blog, I just wanted to place some of my thoughts somewhere I’d always find them again and I knew that they’d have a chance to be heard and noticed by someone, who maybe could relate in some way. I also wanted to make sure I’m not too weird, but I’m still not quite sure of that actually.
      I’ve kept my blogging activities to myself for a long time, however since the beginning of this year I came to realize, that I seriously can’t be bothered by what others think of me, you can’t please everyone, tehy are going to judge anyway and there will always be people, who simply don’t like the things you say and do. I’m absolutely okay with that. So I started to share this little piece of me with some of my good friends.
      What I’m saying here (or at least trying to) is: I won’t hold back on anything I have to say, I will always be true to myself and I won’t ever be afraid to free whatever needs to be let out and put into words. I will continue to be brave, I promise. 😉

      So, I THANK you from the bottom of my heart for leaving this honest and awesome comment here. Thanks for letting me know. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the comfort. Thanks for caring. Thanks for being the Tony, I’m glad to have met here! 🙂

      So, now I’m done with my verbal diarrhoea for today.
      I hope all is well in Down Under! 😀

      Over and out.

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  8. I’ve been there–those who haven’t, will be soon enough. Trudge forward, live your life, cherish the memories. I still dream about my dead best friend, and we’re always just hanging around and talking–nothing ever happens in those dreams, but they make me happy. It’s like visiting.

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    • Yes, we’re all going to have to live through these moments, some sooner than others, they’ll catch up eventually. I agree, it never helps to dwell in the past, moving forward is the only way to go. We can’t bring back what’s lost, however the only things we can bring back from time to time are some happy memoies of the ones we’ve lost along the way.
      Those dreams sound peaceful and wonderful indeed. I like to believe that they like to visit us in our dreams to let us know, they’re okay.

      Thank you for your words! 🙂

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  9. Reblogged this on quirkysharedapoem and commented:
    Heart breaking… poignant… really touching…

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  10. Heartfelt words about a close relationship. That is really moving! Hope the quality time spent will comfort you… nice poem. Best wishes, Iris

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  11. OMG… My first thoughts were about your mother…
    I felt great relief when I went through comments and realized that it’s not for her and (moreover) SHE IS CANCER FREE now!! My congratulations, my kisses and hugs for you and your mother! Such amazing news!!
    P.S. And of course, your poem is just stunning ❤

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