Endless Torture.

Sixteen hours and,
twenty-two minutes ago,
I laid my heart,
inside your palms,
anxious but bravely,
I held my breath,
so you could hear,
the drumming solo,
inside my chest.

Since then I dwell,
in silence and fear,
I’ve become,
a nervous wreck,
and everytime,
I check the phone,
I miss you,
just by a minute,
and I wonder,
is this a joke?
What the heck?!

Endless torture,
when will it end?
Still no reaction,
I’m sorry,
for allowing,
my affection,
to come through,
and for being weak,
in this moment,
but I can’t help,
that I love you..

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  1. Ah! I’m sorry you are suffering so!
    Knowing you are going away, though, may make it harder to admit to one’s feelings…

    I hope you get an answer soon.
    And the one you want to hear…
    Hugs (even if I know it’s not my hugs you crave!)

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    • Oh, it’s okay. There are smiles, a few tears and everything in between. The inevitable end is coming closer and I know that this person has to be selfish right now in order to avoid more hurt feelings.
      24 hours have passed and still no answer, I’ve been looking at my phone all day long, knowing the other has been online many times, though still no reaction.
      I’ve recieved a bracelet as a little “remember me”-gift. It was then I knew… I knew the goodbye was almost complete. And I feel sorry, soo sorry for being weak and admitting to my feelings.. I couldn’t resist. I know that reading my message must’ve hurt and that it’ll take time to swallow the pain and respond for a final goodbye. So, though I desperately hope and wait for an answer, I won’t be in touch any further and simply wait until a response arrives… Beer helps to keep me off the phone! šŸ˜‰

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    • Oh, and I always appreciate hugs!! Thank you Dawn!! šŸ™‚

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  2. You write beautifully.

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  3. I see my past self in this poem… poignant… painful… deep… šŸ˜„

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