I will get you.
I will hunt you.
I will catch you.
I will hurt you.
I will bite you.
I will fight you.
I will stab you.
I will cut you.
I will scratch you.
I will drown you.
I will shoot you.
I will burn you.
I will destroy you.
I will kill you.
I will end you.
I will lose you.
I will bury you.
I will miss you.


I will laugh.
I will cry.
I will quake.
I will hide.
I will break.
I will hate.
I will suffer.
I will deny.
I will offer,
to the gods,
and then,
I will die.
I will be dead
I will be burried
at your side.


Even in death,
I won’t be satisfied.
I will moan.
I will yearn.
I will return.
I will haunt,
this very earth,
only to see,
suffering like me.
And then I will wish,
I would’ve had,
let it be,
so that in the end,
I could rest in peace.

Look where it got me!!

I’ve gained,
and lost,

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  1. I love this beat. It’s like a pulse.
    I will… I will… awww!
    I see how a thin red vein beats under the white skin.
    I will… I will…
    Revenge is so sweet… almost like blood.

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  2. Great work, and LOVE the photo with this;)

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  3. I love this. This is so much like human reaction: first you really want revenge, somtimes to the point it eats at you, then in the end, you realise all you lost because of wanting revenge :-/

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    • Yes, exactly!! I love that you noticed that and I’m quite happy you enjoyed this one a lot. I would guess that almost anyone could be able to relate to revenge in one way or another.. sadly, revenge has a habit of blinding the person seeking it. I wish that I could just reach one single person out there with this, preventing a future act of revenge. One does only harm oneself.

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      • I wish my ex could read this. The thing is, I’m not sure he would actually understand the meaning :-/
        Actually, in seeking revenge for my departure, or for ruining the perfect life he had envisioned for himself, he doesn’t realise he hurts not only me (not really any more, it’s more superficial), not only himself (I’m not sure he’ll ever be ready to see this), but also our children, his children…
        I still hope that one day he’ll see 🙂

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  4. Revenge is never sweet, that’s for sure. It may seem that way at first because the storm of emotions demand blood, something, anything… only to end up with ashes. Perfectly observed, my friend. Perfectly observed.

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  5. Intense!! I like the run on feel it generates ..

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  6. “I’ve gained, nothing, and lost. EVERYTHING!” this line got me..

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  7. OH YEA! This is such a good piece. Very intelligent and so well crafted, my friend.
    Good on ya.

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  8. Oh my my! You were just great with this..

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