When you cry

When you cry,
my heart it aches,
and slowly falls apart inside.

When you cry,
the bond we share,
lets me feel the pain you hide.

When you cry,
I can barely look at you,
without tasting your salty lines.

I know, you’re afraid to die,
but don’t you dare,
to go down this road.
Ma petite chère.

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  1. This is sad and touching.

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  2. love the connectivity between narrator and subject.very endearing.

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  3. Beautifully tragic.

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  4. You big ol’ softy you! 😉

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  5. Heartfelt and simply said ❤

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  6. A lovely heart! When you can empathise with someone’s feelings… 🙂

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  7. Beautiful and romantic, when you really care about someone you love

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  8. Salty lines..love❤️💫💫

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  9. I really like this. It’s so sad though, it almost hurts to read it (but that’s why I like it).

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