No, no, not alone.

I’m just all alone.
I, I, I,
I’m just so alone.

No one’s ever on the phone,
no, no, no,
no one ever calls.

We are all alone,
we, we, we,
we’re just so alone.

We’ve waited all our lives,
but, but, but,
nobody has ever shown.

You are not alone,
you, you, you,
you are not alone.

Never give up hope,
ne-ne-never give it up.

Walk with me my dear,
walk, walk, walk,
walk with me.

And baby you will see,
you will see.

That you are not alone and someone,
will wait for you at home.

You won’t ever be alone,
because someone,
will wait for you at home.

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  1. What a fantastic song this would make. The words are just perfect.

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    • Thanks Tony! I’m glad you’ve noticed the musical potential of this one! 🙂
      I kept singing these words last night, so I decided to write them down. You know what would be great? If I would be able to turn this into a song one day.. but my guitar is just staring at me out of the corner, right next to my keyboard.. the day just hasn’t enough hours to do it all. Sigh. 😀

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  2. I’m agree with Tony… It can be the perfect rockabilly ❤
    What do I hear? The guitar??
    Don't let it just staring at you out of the corner!
    Guitars like women… they don't like to be untouched the long time 😉

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  3. As i walk through this life, these days, i can see that being connected to one another has reached a climax: young people need to feel connected, through social media, on their phones for example, on a permanent basis, sometimes to more than one person at a time. But what has happened that this need created a monster of sorts, in the sense that we need to feel connected, alright! But why is it that we connect through a screen and have become unable to be face to face in our connections?!
    Being in my mid-fifties, i can understand my children’s (mid-twenties, thirties) need to feel the connection (something that my own parents in their mid-seventies cannot fathom) yet my generation still favors a physical connect to a virtuel one, whereas, the younger (teens) need the connection so bad that it is more key than the physical connection? I am asking because a clarification might help a lot of us understand better how and why we have come to the need for the immediate and permanent connection, yet many chose the virtual connection (which is something i totally relate to)?

    Great poem, yet as a critical reader (critical of all and everything) i feel that it could go deeper inwards? Just my personal view!… Thank you!

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