Scorpion scorpion,
please don’t sting,
Scorpion scorpion,
what’s the news you bring?
Scorpion scorpion,
I’m ready to see,
Scorpion scorpion,
no, let me be,
Scorpion scorpion,
please don’t leave me yet,
Scorpion scorpion,
you’re in my head,
Scorpion scorpion,
why did you come?
Scorpion scorpion,
oh should I run?
Scorpion scorpion,
don’t make me sad,
Scorpion scorpion,
I don’t want you dead,
Scorpion scorpion,
when you’re gone,
It will make me cry,
Scorpion scorpion,
I now understand,
Scorpion Scorpion,
there is no denial,
Scorpion scorpion,
even you my friend,
has to die.

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  1. Hugs is what I want to send you.
    It is always a hard day when you realise that death is inevitable. And that you too are mortal. It happened to me when I was 18. A friend from primary school died in a traffic accident. And that day, I realised that I too could die.
    I’m not sure this is what you are alluding to, but this is the emotion and memory your poem brought out for me.

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    • Thank you Dawn! I always appreciate a good hug! 🙂
      Yes, one day we all realize that death is coming for us, as well. When we’re young we feel immortal, like nothing could ever hurt us.. once we wake up from this dream of naivete, we see the world differently..
      Wow, I hope my poem didn’t only bring you sad memories, but good ones as well.

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      • I think that, that day, I was due for sad emotions. But there is nothing you can do about it, you can only write a beautiful poem and send it out in the open and hen hope it touches people. But you cannot choose how it is going to touch them 🙂
        That memory isn’t really sad any more. It used to be painful. Now I realise it was part of life, for me to grow.


  2. I read this as a love poem.. which makes it even sting even stronger.. the concept of a scorpion repeated is such a sadness in the end.

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