We tell ourselves the darkest LIES!,
to put the truth around us in disguise,
that it may be just half the truth,
that it may be just halfway true,
no one can tell, including you.

all these words that aren’t true,
LIES! I tell myself at night,
and LIES! I tell in broad daylight,
I cannot stop them,
never mind!

I let my words carry out,
creating dangerous LIES! travelling around,
the chaos in my head it’s gotten so loud,
I can barely speak or make a sound.

always ready to pull the trigger,
to shoot me down;
they make me quiver.

almost too hard to keep count of,
never knowing when they are coming back to haunt,
LIES! impossible to follow,
piling up to massive shitstorms,
I can’t swallow.

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  1. Sometimes so subtle, you don’t even notice. Or do you?


  2. Very relatable I love it.. Check my blog out sometime

    Thinking: Not illegal yet

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  3. truth
    now you see it
    now you don’t

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  4. Perfect – very well said, I have felt like that myself sometimes!

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