What we want.

Today, I am posting a different kind of post. This post started out to be a comment on “Imprints” one of Lulu’s wonderful poems (which can be found and read here: http://luluspoetrycorner.wordpress.com/2014/11/24/imprints/. You should definitely check out her amazing blog). After reading it twice, her poem got me thinking..

What is it, that we want in life?

We all want to leave something behind in this world. Something of our own creation; Children, knowledge, a house, a painting, a diary or maybe even just a footprint somewhere along the path we’ve been following until our time has run out.
We want to leave behind proof, proof of our existance. We want to be remembered by time and not to be forgotten with time. We want our existence here to be acknowledged by the one’s following.
We sometimes even want to guide those, who may follow the same path as we did. Show them where to turn and where not. We want to share the story of our journey, the story of our life.
We want to be, to exist. We want to stay. We want our lives to have meant something. We simply want to matter – that’s all we want.

So, now I’m asking you: What is it, that you want to leave behind?

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  1. We want to be acknowledged, appreciated, loved and remembered. I want so much, but on the flip side to get, I must give. Sometimes that opens you to vulnerability. Is it worth the risk? DEFINITELY!


  2. Oh yes, great post. The funny thing is that humans are the only creatures that want that. Humans are the only creatures that can think and create divergently. Humans are the only ones that long for meaning and purpose. There’s gotta be a reason for that, don’t you think?
    As for me, I want to raise my kids to be happy, healthy, responsible, loving, honest, virtuous individuals. I want to plant and water seeds. I want to be relevant. I thing probably most want these things (at least the seeds and relevant things).


    • Oh wow, I haven’t looked at this from this perspective before. What you’re saying really makes sense, I guess we humans are the only ones longing for meaning and purpose in life… interesting thought, that’s worth to keep thinking about. Sometimes I really enjoy philosophic conversations.. especially at times I’m stressed out and should be thinking about more serious matters. Haha procrastination at its best! 🙂

      This sounds nice. With your kids you’ve already left your footprint behind, you’ve already created something beautiful. You’ve created the most wonderful thing one could leave behind on this journey. I hope one day, that I’ll be able to create my very own “leave-behind”. What it’ll be, only time can tell I guess…

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  3. What a person wants from their life is to fulfill all their desires the ones that they really want. They want to be remembered, they want to make a difference. They want to be satisfied from their life.


    • Yes, yes and again yes!!
      We all (or most of us) will try anything and everything to aspire what we desire deep within our hearts. Quite often I have been thoroughly amazed at what lengths a person is willing to go through just to get one single step closer to their dreams. It’s truely amazing what willpower can enable you to do. Oh… speaking of, how is the not smoking thing working out for you so far? I hope you didn’t relapse! I’m crossing my fingers.. such a nasty habit to get rid of. 😉

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  4. Well today I found out that Joe Cocker ( A GREAT MUSICIAN) died from lung cancer. He left behind great, beautiful such soulful music. Music that touched me and made me feel free for a couple of minutes. That is what I want to leave something behind that will still touch people, especially when I am gone.

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    • Yes I’ve read about it today.. it’s sad.
      Indeed, he left a treasure behind, something that people around the globe will remember him by. He did it, he left his footprint behind in this mad world.

      What you want to leave behind sounds really wonderful and beautiful. I really hope you’ll be able to do so. Best wishes to you! 🙂

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