Attomic Collision

I’m travelling all alone,
through this big blue earth,
seeing all these things,
but no one to share them with.

And baby I can’t shake this feeling,
that there is more this life can give,
so why won’t you come on out,
stop your hiding and we’ll live.

‘Cause now I feel so alone,
don’t know if love exists,
need someone to show,
so I make a wish.

Yeah and sometimes,
I only dream,
that we collide,
like two bright atoms,
side by side.

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  1. It’s beautiful.

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  2. Its clear your heart belongs to music. This is a very lyrical piece. Revisit it later and see what else you can add. I just started writing lyrics myself.. its a wonderfully releasing process. Well done xx KCD

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    • Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it!
      It always cheers me up and interests me, when I get feedback to some of my “ramblings”.
      I’m glad you were able to recognize the (strong I might add) connection to music of “Attomic Collision”. Indeed I wrote this one as a song with its own melody.
      It amazes me every time how much one can interpret in one little piece of writing and how differently people can relate to it.

      Thanks again and maybe a little tip on my behalf: If you have an idea for be it a poem or a song, even if it is just a word, one sentence or some random words that don’t really make sense, always write it down somewhere.. don’t think, that you don’t need to and that you still will remember it later, because most times you don’t and then you regret not having written it down somewhere, even if it is “just” in your phone. 😉
      Have fun writing lyrics and be sure I’ll be checking out your stuff every now and then. 🙂

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  3. Lovely. Love is what every single human being longs for.

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