3 a.m.

Here I go again,
3 a.m.,
I wake up.

I look around the room,
dark shadows to be found,
I listen closely but no sound.

Wait… think I just saw something move!?
Quickly I turn my head and try to see,
but no one there except me.

3 a.m.,
I wake up.
Every night the same,
it’s driving me insane!

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  1. Usually up at 3
    Only just not me
    Either dogs or blogs……

    But tonight I’ll have to see

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  2. Hahaha. I used to suffer with extreme insomnia. The difference is that I just couldn’t get to sleep in the first place. I wouldn’t fall asleep until somewhere between 3:00am and 6:00am. That really sucked.


    • Oh no! With me it’s not that I can’t fall asleep.. it’s just that I keep waking up at 3 am on the dot and after that it’s impossible for me to fall asleep, after this point I simply lie there awake feeling restless… these 3 am nights come and go. Once they’ve started they usually last for a few days or weeks even. Then they’ll suddenly disappear for a few nights, before they come back and haunt me again. It’s really strange.. Life really does have a strange kind of humor, doesn’t it?! 😉

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      • Oh no. That’s awful. Have you gotten it checked out? I think there are sleep clinics that hook you up to stuff and register brain activity while sleeping. Maybe that’s an idea?

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      • Yes, there is nothing physically wrong with me. Could be stress, so I was told.
        I always wanted to go to a sleeping clinic and sleep there for a night or two, but I don’t seem to find the right time to do so.. always busy as a bee. 🙂

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  3. Writers seem to be up around 3am. If midnight is the witching hour, 3am should be called the writing hour. 🙂


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