Please forgive me,
but I’m a SINNER!
All I am is a guilty skinner:
For you it meant love,
but for me it meant fun,
I played with your heart,
so careless and dumb.

I caved in to lust,
You were my puppet,
You were my slave,
I took advantage of you,
I misbehaved.

I exploited your forbitten love,
and you have no clue,
Now I regret it  –  I really do

A guilty pleasure is all you are,
I shouldn’t have played you,
that night in my car.

It’s too late,
what’s done is done.
You got suspicious,
You figured me out.

Your hatred and rage,
are coming my way,
I unleashed a monster,
Now I am scared,
so I pray.

I pray that you won’t hurt too long,
And I pray that you’ll soon forget.
Please forgive me,
I am a SINNER!
what we did,
was simply wrong.

You did me this favor,
this sexual one,
though I knew it was wrong,
I let you go on.

Now that I know,
how much I hurt your feelings,
I’m drowning in regret,
so overwhelmingly strong.

I hope you can forgive me,
and both of us,
can let this SIN pass….!

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