Insi(ght)de A Heart.


My heart is coated with regret,
filled with moments I can’t forget,
and though I try to be alive,
the only thing I can do:
I survive.

Beneath the heavy iron coat,
my heart lies under,
I simply can’t resist the urge to wonder.
How these feelings were triggered and
took a turn,
and about the time,
I felt them..

Why is it so easy for others to fall in love?
I’d asked myself as I kneeled down,
and waited for an answer from above.
Appears to me, my heart is trapped in a cave!
but one thing I have to admit:
That heart of mine is brave!
Nevertheless what’s also true is,
with every minute I dwell in lonliness,
I am one step closer to the grave.

A sinking ship,
seems quite fitting to compare,
what my heart has come to.
So be aware…!

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