We can change the world

We only have this one!

We only have this one!

We can’t change the world,
but the world can change us!
We may not see the world for what it is,
but the world sees us.
We may not treat the world at our best,
but the world surely does.
We may harm the world knowing better, and
We may not care about our world,
but the world cares about us.
We may not honor the world as we should,
but the world honors us.
We may take more as we need from the world,
but the world does not.
We may kill innocent children of the world,
and in return,
the world does, too.
We may not live as one in the world,
but the world IS one!
We may even be at war with one another and fight against our own kind,
but the world does not.
We may be narrow-minded, clueless and shortsighted,
but the world surely is not!
We may never gonna wake up and see the dangers looming ahead,
the world however already did.
Maybe we can change the world,
but certainly not for the better.
And maybe,
the world can’t change us afterall,
even though it’s trying so hard –
in vain!?

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  1. We are stubborn. But so it the world. The World won’t stop trying and we won’t stop resisting. That is the reality. Changes are slow, we are babies, maybe teenagers, rebellious. But, the world is old and wise. It is patient. In the end, it will win. One way or another.

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    • Yes I absolutely agree with you. The world was here long before we were and the way we treat it is simply unacceptable… it is so sad how human kind treats (maybe) their only home in the entire universe. I wrote this a long time ago after I read an article about mars and that scientists were starting to select a group of people willing to go on a mission to travel to mars and try to start to create a second home for humanity to live in… I mean it sounds quite interesting and the whole idea of being able to live on another planet is fascinating, but it also sounds a little bit like giving up on mother earth to me…


  2. I don’t think of it as that. That would be the same as leaving your home town to go somewhere else to make a better life. But the thing that worries me is what we’ll do to that planet and how that will impact life here on Earth. Brighter minds are asking the same questions and we won’t know the answers till we try. I just hope for the best. For myself and my planet.


    • Me, too, my friend. Me, too… Luckily there are a few people like us out there, who still care and also hope for the best. I guess, we’ll have to see and wait for our planet to respond to our “efforts” to treat our home better than before.

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  3. Hi. I really like your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you follow this link, you can find out more.


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